Robust Networks Begin with tritone CONNECT

  • Experienced with many unique designs and projects under our portfolio
  • Security-Intensive commercial projects, multi-site retail and restaurants to small businesses
  • Extensive R&D and curation of great components across price points and solutions
  • Pioneers of MESH implementation
  • Personable & Responsive Service & Support

Single SSID


Elegant solutions to Wi-Fi systems, a Single SSID combines 5gHz and 2.4gHz, and intelligently steers your usage to the best service available.

Seamless Roaming


 Our systems are curated and configured to intelligently communicate to your mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or an Android to hop to the strongest access point, so the networking experience is a seamless one. You neither have to reselect another SSID on your settings when you feel the connection is weak, nor do you have to experience a dropout

Modular or Pre-Planned


 Our systems can work as part of the infrastructure planning during your construction of home or office, or after construction with modular systems. 

Our bespoke service employs some of the most advanced simulations to predict your network's responses based on your furniture plan and blueprint. 

A tritone CONNECT Solution, Featuring : 

  • A Simplified Network Architecture
  • Single SSID
  • Synergistic WI-FI Coverage
  • Seamless Roaming
  • Modular or Pre-Planned

Technology, as it should be.

 tritone CONNECT makes technology work for you. There's hardly anything to learn, just effortlessly use the networking system while it remains invisible from hassle. Just like it should be.