About Us

tritone CONNECT builds Networks and interfaces your internet with your life; starting with the backbone - the network, this includes Internet Services & Wi-Fi. 

From a reliable, strong, speedy network, we build :

  • Smart Homes
  • Connected Offices
  • Lighting Controls
  • Automation
  • Music Around The Home
  • Distributed Video
  • CCTV

How It Works and Our Offerings


Internet Service

Our tritone internet plans deliver the fastest speeds as awarded by Ookla, Speedtest, in Singapore. Contract length of 2 years, with 24 Months Geo-location Free access, meaning you can access overseas services whose content is geographically restrictive. Learn More Here.

We also work with other Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to implement our services, such as Singtel, Starhub, M1, ViewQwest and MyRepublic. 


Residential or Commercial

tritone designs and engineers systems for both the home and the office. We have curated and developed a wide range of offerings. 

We consult and design from your floor plans and site visits for every project to ensure optimum performance. 

We provide consultation and provide regular training in cybersecurity for firms with higher security requirements. 



Curation and Configuration of the best-in-class hardware, tried and tested within our facility for performance and reliability. 


Implementing the design to ensure blanket coverage of the space, systems can be designed according to basic coverage, fastest speeds, and with wireless MESH tri-band expansions for retrofit systems. 

Television Service

At the dawn of Singapore's digitization of the Television services (cessation of broadband / antenna cable services), many are left with confused with hardware and services required to ensure proper delivery of these subscriptions, while using better performing network systems. tritone CONNECT lifts the veil of these default hardware supplied with these television services while integrating robust and stable networks in a world of IoT. 


Network Attached Storage

Network attached storage provides a cost effective back up solution for your mobile devices, sharing media throughout the home, and securing your content ownership. 

Smart Lights and Lighting Controls

We work with Smart Lights, and design Lighting Control Systems that work with your network, both hardware and through to custom designing the user interface. 

Curtain and Blind Controls

Controlling your curtains and blinds and sensors with our automation systems. 

Air Conditioner and Climate Controls

Air Conditioner controls, temperature sensors can be integrated to keep your home cool all the time, or just for the added convenience. 

Music Around the Home

Music Around The Home these days require a stable network for systems to work well. Streaming services such as Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, Qobuz, Online Radio can be shared throughout the home, or have all rooms play separate music. For more details on our music systems, click here


CCTV relies heavily on the network, and tritone CONNECT provides design and consultation, through installation and commissioning. 

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